3 Tips for Garage Door Security

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Photo Credit: Cary Peterson

Garage door security is important because this space is one of the largest and most vulnerable points of entry to your house. It’s a scary thing, but not securing your garage door is one of the most common ways thieves can enter your home. Proper safety and paying attention to common threats can keep you and your family safe and secure. Here are 3 tips for garage door safety.

1. Store the Remote Safely
Although it’s convenient, keeping your garage door opener in your car or the password programmed into the dashboard is a dangerously simple way for burglars to access your home should they steal or break into your vehicle.

2. Use Lighting
Never underestimate the power of proper lighting! Burglars won’t want to break into your home under a spotlight, so install adequate flood lights or motion-sensor triggered lighting to deter potential thieves.

3. Disable Access While Away
If you’re leaving for an extended period or taking a vacation, disable and unplug your garage door opener to avoid all unauthorized access.

About Garage Door Openers

Older homes may be more vulnerable than newer ones. When automatic garage door openers were invented, the first generation of devices all featured the same code and 2nd generations weren’t much more advanced. If you have an older opener, consider upgrading to a more secure device with a password only you and your family have access to.

Contact Neposmart for a Solution

Of course, some days may be busier than others and securing your garage door could be the last thing on your mind. Instead of turning around or interrupting your morning commute if you forgot to close it, Neposmart is here to help with a revolutionary IP camera allowing you to view and maintain control over garage door security in real time from anywhere in the world straight from your phone.

Storing your garage remote outside of your car, installing bright outdoor lighting and disabling access when you’re away from home are all great tips for garage door security. Never leave the most vulnerable area of your house unsecured again! Contact Neposmart today for a solution.