Neposmart was formed upon the idea to create a smart controller for a garage door that connects to an intelligent security camera. This idea quickly evolved into an Internet of Things (IoT) suite of patented products.

Neposmart is the pioneer of an all-in-one suite of IoT security cameras that come with an intelligent garage door controller. Meaning, customers can use their camera to control their garage door, gate, siren, and flood light in real time, at any time, from anywhere, from the Neposmart app. Neposmart Cameras alert you when an intruder has breached your perimeter. These unique features are covered in our Utility Patent. It is our desire that our products will deter intruders from ever stepping foot onto your property.

Our name is derived from the combination of ‘open’ spelled backwards and ‘smart.’ Our goal is to transform the Internet of Things into the Internet of Smart Objects. We are working to create connected smart security for both home and business, using the Neposmart IoT cameras and devices. Our products provide you with the ability to monitor and control your devices from anywhere, at anytime. With our system, you can expand your security system using Neposmart, as all of our devices talk to each other.

As the word spreads about our products, we hope to start reducing property crime and make homes and businesses safer places.

Just like our founder’s evolving ideas, our products are expanding. Check out our Indoor Camera and Outdoor Camera to see more! We are based in Washington and headquartered in Redmond. Contact us today!