The Benefits of the Neposmart Indoor Security Camera for Your Elderly Loved Ones

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3 Benefits of the Neposmart Indoor Security Camera for Your Elderly Loved Ones


My paternal grandfather has moderate to severe dementia, and my maternal grandmother has slight dementia. Since neither lives nearby, my family isn’t able to see them very often. During each phone call and visit, we notice the signs: the repitition of stories, the confused pause in conversation, and especially when they forget who you are.

There’s not a lot you can do regarding their dementia, but there is something you can do to monitor them during this difficult time. Whether they live in a different city, state, or country, you can install a Neposmart Indoor Security Camera in their family room, kitchen, or any area that they use frequently. How would this help?


  1. Monitor the camera from your smart phone, tablet, or iPad. Check on them throughout the day, or every couple days.
  2. Check the footage from earlier that day if you don’t see them on the camera.
  3. Use the two-way audio to call out to them. Have you ever heard of the saying “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up?” Simply call out to them using the audio feature and they can respond if they are nearby and can’t move.


In the rare event that something’s happened and you can’t reach them on the phone, you can check the security camera from your smart phone, tablet, or iPad and find a way to reach them.

If your aging parents are in a nursing home, consider setting up the Neposmart Indoor Security Camera in their private room. You can monitor how they seem to be doing physically, mentally, and emotionally. for a worst case scenario, you can be aware immediately of any maltreatment.

Generally, nursing home do not permit personal cameras within private rooms. However, some do. Known as the “Granny Cam Bill,” a funny play on words to the infamous “Nanny Cams,” a handful of states have passed legislature that allows the family of these elderly residents to purchase, set up, and monitor a camera in the residents’ private room. According to The Virginia Pilot,  New Mexico, OklahomaTexas, and Washington were the first four states to pass a bill. Illinois was next to follow suit. California, Virginia, and Maryland have joined since. A few more states are in discussion. Each bill looks a little different with some having some parameters and others having no restrictions.

Whether your parents live in another city, state, or country, you can use the Neposmart Indoor security camera anywhere; even if they live in Europe, you can still access the camera. If your elderly loved ones still live in their home, see how the Neposmart Indoor Security Camera can give you peace of mind. If they live in assisted living, check with your state’s laws. There are a lot of features that can assist you in keeping an eye on your loved ones.


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