D.C. Issues Rebates on Security Systems

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The U.S. Capital has passed a bill that issues rebates on outdoor security systems for residents and businesses.




In the beginning of this year, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser passed a bill which launched a program that provides rebates to residents and business owners who buy, install, and register their new outdoor security cameras in selected, high crime areas of D.C. The program went into effect in February.



How it works

Home owners or Business owners purchase one or more outdoor cameras with recording abilities which they then register with the city. The city then provides a rebate of up to $200 per camera. The cap is at $500 per home owner and $750 per business owner. The city does not have direct access to these cameras, but can gain access if necessary.


The Rebates

The four page bill goes through the set up, the contingencies, and any exceptions of this rebate. The goal in passing this bill is to have a broader area monitored so that if/when a crime does occur, it’s easier to catch the person responsible. One of the contingencies is that only certain areas can apply for this rebate as they are in places of higher crime. View the bill.


Mentions in the Press

We found this story through a subscription that isn’t available to nonmembers. However, this story has been covered by Washington PostWTOP, and dc.gov.


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