Don’t Just Detect, But Deter

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Keep yourself safe and let your security camera do the work and deter the intruder.


There was a recent story that made headlines involving footage captured on a security camera of a Georgia woman defending her home. If you haven’t seen the footage, check out the video that the Washington Post featured.



We applaud her for having two indoor security cameras in her home. However, there’s an element that’s lacking for these cameras. The traditional point of home surveillance is to monitor an area in order to prevent crime. If an intruder gets inside, the home monitoring company calls the owner first, and then the police if necessary. But wouldn’t you agree that if someone is inside your home – it’s too late? The security system has certainly detected someone, but they have failed to deter them.


We at Neposmart believe that a security camera should not only detect intruders, but should also deter them from ever accessing your property. With Neposmart, these three men would’ve had to breach a Perimeter Beam to access the driveway, front yard or backyard. This breach would’ve notified the home owner on her/his mobile device. At the same time the siren, strobe light or floodlight would activate if the homeowner had pre-programmed those settings for when the Perimeter Beam is breached at night.


A similar situation happened recently to a Neposmart customer. This story has a different ending, however. The siren and strobe light were activated when an intruder breached the Perimeter Beam. The intruder immediately left, which avoided property damage and theft. We wrote about it in an earlier blog post. Watch the video below which shows the neighbor’s perspective.



The Neposmart system was able to not only detect this intruder, but to also deter him. This meant that these homeowners didn’t have to fend off intruders, putting themselves in a very dangerous situation. You will never have to pull out a gun or any form of weapon to fight off an intruder using the Neposmart system.


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