It’s The Holiday Season!

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As  Christmas gets closer and closer and we all make plans to visit family and friends for the holiday, the security risk to our home increases.


I’m sure you’ve heard of packages being stolen from front doors, or perhaps you’ve experienced this yourself. Last year it even made the news, and this year  I personally know of someone who has had up to three packages stolen right from the front porch in the last few weeks.


Spending a week or two with extended family out of the city or state for the upcoming holiday means that your home is empty and full of shiny electronics and jewelry. Even if you ask a neighbor or friend to check your home and collect your mail on a daily basis, the absence of anyone at your home leaves it in a vulnerable state. Thieves will notice the lack of lights, the increase in mail or newspapers, and no one coming or going from the front door or driveway.


A Neposmart Outdoor Camera will allow you to keep an eye on your front door to see that the UPS truck has pulled up and the driver has dropped off a box on your welcome mat. It will also allow you to see if any strangers suddenly come calling. With the Neposmart Outdoor Camera, you can receive a notification on your phone via the Neposmart app informing you that someone has crossed your Perimeter Beams that are strategically positioned toward your driveway or entry way. It will also give you the ability to activate a siren, light, or if you add a speaker to your camera, you can yell at them to leave that package that contains a book or gadget that you know your family member has been eyeing alone. If you don’t notice your notification in time, you can always set up your system to detect the intruder and proactively deter them by automatically activating the siren and light whenever that Perimeter Beam is breached. The thief will be scared by the sudden warning sounds and leave your package right where they found it.


With the Neposmart Outdoor Camera settings, you will be provided with an image associated with any detection notification, meaning you can send a picture or video of the thief to the police to help them catch the intruder and hopefully return the package to its rightful owner. The Neposmart Indoor Camera will allow you to check the inside of your home from time to time as you enjoy a Christmas feast with your relatives or friends. Just tap your Neposmart app, tap your Indoor Camera, and swipe the camera to view the different angles of your home. Should something be amiss, you’ll be able to notice it immediately. If someone breaks into your house, the Neposmart Indoor Camera has a built in 2-Way audio and comes with a door sensor in the box. You’ll be alerted as soon as someone opens the door, and you can scare them with the 2-way audio or siren if you connect a siren to the Indoor Camera. Aside from viewing real time feed, Neposmart Cameras also record images and videos, allowing you to see what all they did, and to send to the police if necessary.


Instead of worrying about stolen gifts and an empty house, enjoy the holiday season with the Neposmart security system. It will give you peace of mind during this special time of year. Learn about all of the features of the Neposmart Outdoor Camera, the Neposmart Indoor Camera, and Neposmart Perimeter Beams. If you have any questions about our products or installation, feel free to contact us by calling us at 1-800-660-9443 or emailing us at