How Neposmart Compares to Common Home Security Camera Mistakes

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For this blog post, I want to compare Neposmart Cameras to a list of 8 common home security mistakes as seen in an article titled Buying a Home Security Camera? 8 Common Mistakes to Avoid published by The Huffington Post.


1. Going Cheap

How Neposmart Compares: Neposmart is not cheap, it’s affordable.

Neposmart is a quality camera with many useful features. It is not cheap, but we did make it affordable so that anyone can buy it and use it. According to the article, other companies offer security cameras that have a ‘full site of features and reliability.’ In comparison, Neposmart has an Indoor Camera, Outdoor Camera, two types of Perimeter Beams, a siren, a light, and can connect to a speaker.


2. No Night Vision

How Neposmart Compares: Neposmart has night vision

Neposmart Cameras have night vision. It comes on automatically, like street lights in the early evening. However, if you think it’s not dark enough for night vision, you can manually turn it off. The article mentions another brand as having 8 IR LEDs. The Neposmart Indoor Camera has a 10 pc IR LED, and the Neposmart Outdoor Camera has a 22 pc IR LED.


3. Ignoring the Subscription fee

How Neposmart Compares: Neposmart has no subscription fee

The reason for a subscription fee is when companies that sell security cameras store that users’ data on an internal or external server that requires users’ to log in to a portal to access their photos and videos. We do not store our customers’ data on our servers, so we do not charge a subscription fee. Should anything happen to our servers, our customers are not affected. This provides our customers with a one-time payment and low overall cost, complete privacy and security, and continuous access to their information.


4. Not questioning security and privacy

How Neposmart Compares: Neposmart provides complete privacy and security by not storing users’ information

All data and account information regarding a Neposmart Camera is stored on the users’ own Neposmart camera. Users can take screenshots of images and download their videos onto their personal devices such as their own PC or smart phone, Dropbox, Amazon Drive, SD card, or FTP Server. Regardless, all data is in their hands. We have no access to it. If our servers crash, our customers will not be affected. There is only one pair of eyes on their information, data, and video feed. The user has complete privacy and security.


5. Falling for the new and shiny

How Neposmart Compares: Neposmart Cameras are more than just new and shiny

While the Neposmart camera is aesthetically appealing, its brain is its selling point. It was created for what it does first and foremost, not just to look nice in your home. We spent more time on creating the internal functions than on its external design.


6. Not planning for the future

How Neposmart Compares: Neposmart has a product suite for you to expand your security system

When the customer decides to expand their security system and finds out that the company through which they purchased their security camera doesn’t offer additional extendable integrated solutions, they’re stuck. They would need to buy another camera from a different company and essentially buy a new system in order to get the additional features. With Neposmart, customers can start with a camera. As they decide to increase their system depending on their needs, they can buy a second Neposmart camera, Perimeter Beams, siren and speaker, or a microphone to connect to their existing Neposmart camera.


7. Assuming specs are specs

How Neposmart Compares: Neposmart is transparent

Simply visit the Specs page on our website to find all the details to the products that we offer. We have a detailed list of the various components associated with each product from package content to dimensions. If customers still have questions, they’re welcome to contact us.


8. Not working through the worst case scenario

How Neposmart Compares: We’ve made it easy

We have designed our products with the customer in mind. After looking at competitors and considering usability best practices, our settings are as intuitive and helpful as possible. For example, our cameras feature 24/7 video recording as the article suggests. However, we divide it into 10 minute increments, and distinguish general recording versus detection recording. If a customer would rather only record at a certain time of day or type of video, they can customize their settings. This is one example of how we’ve designed the settings of our cameras.



Our founder thought of various elements that would benefit our customers that other companies lacked, and made our products affordable and accessible. It is our desire that our products will deter intruders from ever stepping foot on your property. We won’t simply alert you when a door is opened, but when a perimeter beam has been breached. As the word spreads about our products, we hope to start reducing property crime and make homes a safer place.


Want to hear more? Take a look at the Indoor Security Camera, Outdoor Security Camera, and Neposmart Beam. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 1-800-660-9443 or email us at!