Perimeter Security Sets Neposmart Apart

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Imagine the following scenario..


You wake up to a text alert on your phone regarding your security system. From the picture sent within the text, you find out that someone has stepped on your driveway in the middle of the night. However, you were asleep so you didn’t know. As you read the alert and review the corresponding images that your security system sent with the text, you see that your saved settings activated the floodlight and a siren attached to your camera when the person entered your property. Instead of walking out to your car the following morning to discover a broken window and missing property, your security system deterred the intruder while you slept peacefully in your bed. You avoided a break-in, a call to the police, and theft by using a security system that didn’t wait until someone accessed your home to tell you about it.


This system is called Neposmart, and this scenario is a true story.


Whether you’re looking to secure your home or business, the Neposmart security system benefits both properties.


The Neposmart Outdoor Security Camera is paired with a set of Perimeter Beams and the Neposmart app to give the user complete control. As the Neposmart Outdoor Camera and Perimeter Beams communicate with each other, this information is sent to the Neposmart app. In addition to being able to monitor the live feed 24/7 and having complete control of the camera, the Neposmart app provides a wide variety of options when customizing the setting. The main benefit is our instant alerts. Users receive notifications such as Push, MMS/SMS, or an email with a picture. These are fully customizable to each user’s preference, but all or a combination of any two are available. You can monitor and control your camera from your app regardless of if your Perimeter Beam‘s have detected a breach.


Perimeter security plus instant alerts creates a two-fold benefit with numerous options.


The first benefit is that instead of notifying the user once an intruder has gained access into your home, our system knows when someone or something breaks the Perimeter Beam and enters your property, and alerts the user proactively.


The second benefit comes in the form of our settings. Our all-in-one security camera is paired with an app that provides the user with complete control and allows for a pre-planned deterrence. When a user first sets up their camera, they can choose how to customize the settings to act in different ways depending on your needs. For example, it can be customized to activate a light and siren when the Perimeter Beam is breached during vulnerable times such as during the night, or when you’re away on vacation. Therefore, in addition to alerting the user when someone is in their driveway instead of their house, it can go one step further and do the work for the user of deterring the intruder. The benefits of this are when you’re away from home, it’s late at night, or your travelling, your security camera can activate a floodlight and / or siren to deter any intruders without you having to lift a finger. Our system does the work for you.


The numerous options are as follows:


First, the user can customize the Perimeter Beams to make a low pitched sound when breached, or can set it to remain silent while still sending an alert to the user.

Second, should the user happen to notice someone loitering near their driveway, they can tap the siren icon to activate and scare the person away. Once the intruder has left, they can simply tap the icon a second time to turn it off.

Third, Neposmart provides a complete system. Should you want to expand your system, our entire product line includes all of the necessary components: camera, perimeter beams, lights, and sirens. No need to worry about being stuck with a limited system and having to start from scratch as you increase in your security needs. Neposmart is your one stop shop.

Fourth, every video and image is automatically recorded. Should the user wish to review something from the last few days, they can access that data on their phone.

Fifth and last, Neposmart cameras feature On The Go Monitoring. This means that the user is not limited to only Wi-Fi – enabled locations. With our On The Go Monitoring, the user can use a mobile hotspot or jetpack through their wireless carrier to continue connecting to and using their camera.


As you can see, perimeter security in the form of a Perimeter Beam sets Neposmart apart from other security systems.


If this sounds like something you would be interested in, check out our Outdoor Security Camera and our Perimeter Beam. If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email at or give us a call at 1-800-660-9443! We would love to help you with your security system needs and provide a solution that will not only detect but deter property crime.