Perimeter Security

Professional-Grade infrared perimeter fencing that connects directly to your Neposmart Camera to deliver state of the art intrusion detection. The beams are designed to help deliver relevant, visual alerts and recordings anytime the perimeter is breached, giving you the tools you need to prevent property crime without needing to pay any monthly fees.


  • The Neposmart Beam and camera integrates seamlessly, ensuring that only relevant things like cars and people entering your property are detected.
  • Now you can save time from needing to watch hours of video or sorting through tons of motion alerts triggered by the environment, passing cars or other random events.

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(Smartphones, Tablets and PC)


  • Fully customizable options that can be used to guard your business.
  • View live HD video and get alerts to stay on top of any suspicious activity.
  • Set a siren/strobe light or floodlight to trigger when the perimeter is breached (or manually activate it from the mobile app).

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(garages, gates, siren/strobe light and floodlights)