Smarter, Safer, Simpler Security

The Neposmart Advantage

The most comprehensive security solution for public and private enterprises


Patented Security Technology Customized for Your Business

Security and the Business

Up until now, high end security systems have been fragmented or pricey, and require tremendous resources - technology, security, analytics, and financial.

Most offerings in the market specialize in only one of the three key security components (video surveillance, access control or analytics), driving private and public companies to implement complicated integrations.

You don’t have to make concessions that create significant security vulnerabilities and compromise your business.

Why Neposmart



Our patented technology turns cameras into smart controllers of electronic devices delivering immediate communications and rapid security responses for your business security needs.

Anywhere, Anytime, App Access

  • Remote, 24-7 monitoring from your device
  • Combined Video, IoT (Internet of Things) and M2M (Machine to Machine) technology
  • Fully integrated iOS/Android apps
  • Low data consumption
  • Great for mobile hotspots

Easy To Use

  • Simple system setup
  • Hubless architecture
  • User-friendly, intuitive mobile app
  • No complex networking (i.e port forwarding) required
  • No Digital Video Recorder or Network Video Recorder required

Serious About Data Protection

  • Authentication only on your device or the devices of your choice
  • Usernames and passwords NOT Stored in the Cloud
  • Recorded photos and videos stored in your preferred safe location
  • Flexible data storage options - in Cloud or on-premise (within corporate firewall)
  • Multi-Layer login security

Reduce Points of Failure

  • Hubless architecture eliminates reliance on hub or external server
  • Fast control response time with IoT (Internet of Things) technology
  • Video Streaming from device for minimal latency
  • No internet access required within local network

Customized for Your Business

Build New or Augment Existing Systems for Enhanced Security

  • Access Control
    Add additional (multi-factor) level of authentication using Machine Learning technologies, i.e. Facial Recognition
  • Video Surveillance
    Integrate Neposmart on-the-go cameras with existing hardware (i.e. CCTV/old cameras, etc.) for security and savings
  • Mobility and IoT capabilities
    Add additional (multi-factor) level of authentication using Machine Learning technologies, i.e. Facial Recognition
  • Data Analytics
    Trigger IoT controls and provide reports to increase efficiencies in your business; interfaces with enterprise software
  • Advanced Analytics
    Turn your raw footage into meaningful reports to better understand your business, and better manage your risks and opportunities; interfaces with enterprise software
  • Counting capabilities
    Classify and filter by time, demographics, behaviors, helping you make more informed decisions