Security Solutions

The Neposmart Advantage

The Only Integrated Solution for Private and Public Enterprises

Combining video surveillance with access control, artificial intelligence and insightful analytics, Neposmart’s patented technology delivers a smarter, safer, simpler security solution.

  • IoT hubless architecture reduces points of failure (for rapid alerts response times)
  • Monitor on the go from any device
  • Facial recognition provides additional layer of authentication
  • Start anew or augment existing systems

Security Solution: Video Surveillance

Next Generation Surveillance for Full Security Solution

Beyond CCTV and surveillance cameras. No more searching through images and footage of your property and perimeters. Neposmart’s patented technology transforms your security system.

  • Sensors transmit to Neposmart’s IoT cameras
  • Cameras trigger actions -- alerts, alarms, locks, etc.
  • Deliver immediate communications and rapid security responses

Security Solution: Access Control

Security in the Palm of Your Hand

You are no longer desktop bound. Adding IoT technology, Neposmart brings all the elements of your business security system together to the device of your choice.

  • On the go data retrieval and video review
  • Automate or make in the moment decisions
  • Enable/disable locks, alarms, alert police, etc.

Security Solution: Artificial Intelligence

Deeper Insights for Improved Security and Better Business

Neposmart detects and sorts important data points 24/7

  • Facial Recognition
  • Image Analytics
  • Demographics(Age Range, Gender, etc.)
  • Behavior
  • Mood Detection and more!

Leverage artificial intelligence for analytics
  • Fast data retrieval for more business efficiencies
  • Immediately improved security
  • Better understanding of your business and customers
  • Insights on site design, display and presentation
  • Feedback on communications and customer experience